The News" is an ongoing series of projects about the decentralization of information distribution through manipulating traditional broadcasting mediums with internet era medias. 
"The News" 01 is a project created for CalArts Expo 2018. It is a collaboration project between Ray Liu and me. The live-streamed CBSN news is fed into the program, which recreates the feed with 50 preset pictures in real-time. The size of the pictures used to recreate the news feed, as well as the generative ambient music, are controlled by the live-streamed NBS news station's audio. 
Program: Chrane Sylk
Graphic Design: Ray Liu
The News 02 recreates the live-streamed CNN news with blank internet meme template pictures. The size of the pictures and the ambient music are modulated/generated by FOX news radio station's live audio-feed.
Program/Music/meme choice: Chrane Sylk
(The video documentations might have a little lag due to running the program, the original new feed and the screen-capturing program at the same time, this do not exist when only running the program.)
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